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Spiders McGee; Pirate Captain
14 March 2012 @ 11:43 pm
Hey guys. So yeah. Long time no see.

Uhm, yeah, long story short, ignoring all the parts that happened there in between; I don't much use livejournal anymore, however, if any of you still do want to follow me, or just like, hit me up for a chat sometime, by all means, come by and yell at me on my tumblr. I'm over at WineGumBleach

So yeah, please, come by, say hi.

Much Love,
Spiders McGee; Pirate Captain
14 August 2011 @ 01:10 am
Have decided to go on a cooking rampage. I want to cook all these things I don't often cook, or haven't got around to trying out. Am going to take a trip to the deli of awesomeness and expensiveness and buy any and all random ingredients required and go crazy.

This is mostly brought on by the urge to try cooking up some matzo ball soup, and some gyoza, and general cooking rampageyness.

So. Anyone got any recipes, or just suggestions of stuff I should totally find out how to cook? PLEAAAASSSEE LEMME KNOWW! The cooking rampage must be satisfied.

If only so I can ignore the fact that I not only have no job, but no one seems interested in me for a job...I'm not like, completely undesirable am I? Urgh. Getting me down. Ignoring it for now. Too many hours spent on that topic, thanks.
Spiders McGee; Pirate Captain
03 August 2011 @ 10:00 pm
Today has been a fucking shitty day and I am going to go to bed simply so it can end that much sooner. Fuck everything. But especially fuck being unemployed.
Spiders McGee; Pirate Captain
02 August 2011 @ 12:48 am
HAAA. So apparently livejournal was down? I am a livejournal fail so this kindof flew under my radar except when I was trying to read fic on my phone and then it was just a matter of assuming my phone sucks (which it does).

ANYWHOO. The boyfriend has just managed to wrangle himself a job in central London. Which pretty much now means I have to get a job there too and we can start doing this whole living-together-being-real-people-with-real-jobs thing. I am so ridiculously pleased for him, so awesome, but y'know, also terrified. London is an effing terrifying prospect really, awesome, yes, but also terrifiying.

Actually, I'm kind of equal parts terrified and thrilled. YAY JOB! Oh god we have to find a flat. YAY LONDON! Oh god how the hell are we going to afford this shit?? YAY LIVING WITH ALEX! Oh jesus christ two weeks is not long enough to sort out my shit.

Okay, I'm mostly terrified about the living situation, finding a flat in two weeks when we have no money and I am currently still unemployed? Fucking hell.


In other news I have applied for an awesome job I really really would like. Cross your fingers, toes, etc. for me.
Spiders McGee; Pirate Captain
28 June 2011 @ 04:35 pm
Resuuuullllts tiiiime!


Ah have a shiny 2:1 now. I am pretty dammed pleased with it. It was never going to be a first, haha, I am not that smart. BUT WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Spiders McGee; Pirate Captain
24 June 2011 @ 11:23 am
Wow you guys. Seems I'm not the only one who dropped off the face of the planet. Everyone is so busybusybusy doing exciting things, or life-changing things anywhoo, it's all very exciting I have to say. In a kind of vicarious way anyway, because I'm jobless in England with nothing to do and I keep having dreams about living in New Zealand or Living by the beach. Which is odd, because I've never had much of a desire to live permanently outside of England. Unlike all my friends who seem to think England is an ugly little shit-hole they must escape as soon as possible. What's wrong with England? I like living somewhere where you can travel forty minutes in one direction and be in a massive city center, and then travel forty minutes in the other direction and be in the countryside without a building or another person in view. Love it, in point of fact.

I like english countryside, I like english cities. Okay, so we have some crappy parts, but nowhere's perfect! And it's not like I'm some shut in xenophobe here, I want to travel, oh god how I want to travel, I just don't have this same feeling 90% of my friends do that England is the worst place in the world to live.

Whatever. Anyway. Off to go apply for more jobs. In England XD
Spiders McGee; Pirate Captain
10 May 2011 @ 09:38 am
Oh my god. I totally still exist. Contrary to popular belief. I can't believe I actually haven't posted anything since before easter. Eep.

Am kindof throwing myself into work I guess? Got to write 5000 words in three/four days. I can entirely do that, just, having a bit of a block at the moment. Writing about male/male relationships in Detective Fiction is actually not nearly as much fun as I had hoped.

On the upside, it is more fun than writing about the relationship between language and  power in Pinter and Winterson. But, there you go.

I've also killed my computer. Urgh. Desktop is out of comission until I get a boot disk for it. This means I can't play Minecraft or WoW...which is probably a good thing considering the work I should be doing instead, but it's sad that all my stuff is stuck on there until furthur notice. Am also XBoxless as I left that a home to encourage work flow. So my room is like a technology black hole at the moment. 

So much to do. Not just essay/exam wise, but got to find a job, find a flat, sort out graduation. £40 rental for robes I will be wearing for roughly two hours?? But, on the upside my hood is this colour:

Black with red and silver? Love it. IT'S SHINY. What more could I ask for. I'm totally buying new shoes to go with it too.

Other than RL stuff like that, my life is TERRIBLY DULL. Well. Really need to get on with this essay. So no Flist reading for me right now (it's terribly distracting =P ) so totally let me know what's been occuring in your lives!! HOW'VE YOU BEEN LUVVIES?
Spiders McGee; Pirate Captain
Okay, swift change of track, but I needs help.


This is actually for a presentation I'm doing on Monday. Genuinely. It is also going to include this trailer:

Spiders McGee; Pirate Captain
21 February 2011 @ 12:20 am
Oh god I feel so busy lately, constantly swept of my feet, y'know.

Not suprised really, should have expected it from final year and semester of Uni, but, y'know, I'm rather fond of playing aboot on the internet and the like and y'know, LIVEJOURNAL =D

Anywhoo, aside from work work work and job application job application job application, have had a pretty awesome week.

- Valentines day, went to see Paul, which is pretty much one giant love letter to Spielburg, and good god, I was depressed by how few people got the referances to stuff, like, even obvious stuff like "GET AWAY FROM HER YOU BITCH!"
- Thursday, Boyfriend and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary by taking a trip to LONDON =D mostly just wandering round Soho and Camden and Oxford Street to be honest, but but but, we did also go to the SHERLOCK HOLMES MUSEUM, which pleased me greatly, especially as my boyfriend basically said the day before "Guess what! I'm gonna take you to the Sherlock Holmes Museum!" so yes, he knows me well.
- Friday, Reel Big Fish gig. Best part was actually the support act Suburban Legends. They had a trumpeter and trombone player in matching waistcoats dancing in sync in a most ridiculous manner. Was EFFING AWESOME =D also, they did a Ska version of the 'Bed intruder song'. So, y'know, hilarious and insane.
- Today, went to Alex's parents for the day and applied for a shit load of jobs.

AM DEAD. Hopefully this week will be a little more chilled on both recreation and work sides, need a chill =D

How goes your weeks luvvies?

Oh yes, and thank you for your sympathetic condemnation of my annoying housemates, it was deeply Cathartic =D
Spiders McGee; Pirate Captain
08 February 2011 @ 11:34 am
Woooo! So, 8 mile hike on Sunday!

Check us all out in a cave. I'm the one in the red with the Pippy Longstocking hair.

Was good fun, except for the last twenty minutes where we're all fed up, but are still 20 minutes uphill away from the car. Then it was pretty much a matter of wanting to kill the leader.

Also, so, I came back from said hike, and was complaining yesterday that my legs were KILLING me. And Housemate is just like "Oh, I did 10 miles." "8 miles is EAAASY" "What shoes did you wear? (with the implied, You're probably doing it wrong)" And I know I'm not exactly fit, but this just made me feel like a useless and pathetic lump, and generally about thiiiiis big. Thanks for that.

Another housemate of mine has been complaining that first housemate has been making her feel stupid for doing a BA instead of a BSc (Haha, yeah, thanks for that too, because a BA is a fucking cake walk, right?), and I hadn't noticed it, but now I'm seeing it. And frankly, I am fucking unimpressed. She's just...gone off lately and she's making the same jokes we normally make, but it's like she means them now, and, frankly, she's being a bitch. That coupled with the rest of her behavior lately and, yeah. I am not enjoying her company AT ALL lately. >_>